Hackathon + Summits

October 2nd - 30th, 2020

ETHGlobal's biggest event of the year.

Remember when new tech was... exciting?

When tech was about more than bigger screens, exclusive clubhouses, the un-bundling and re-bundling of features?

The days when you went out of your way to try the latest thing. Even if it wasn't perfect. Because it wasn't perfect. Because you could see where this was going.

Well, have we got news for you.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, anarchists, artists, and market makers spend their days and nights thinking, building, talking about Ethereum because we are... excited.

We're excited by the idea that Ethereum can change things. That Ethereum is a fulcrum we can use to change money, finance, the web, the way software works and the way power is distributed.

This October, we invite you to come learn what all the talk is about.

ETHOnline is our way of celebrating an incredible year in Ethereum, bringing the community together at a time when we're kept apart.

Whether you're here to build or here to learn, we hope you'll join us.

- ETHGlobal

It's a Hackathon...

Build with an entire ecosystem at your back. Across 3 weeks of hacking, we'll introduce you to teammates, connect you with mentors, unblock technical problems, and help you deliver a working product that pushes Ethereum forward.

3 weeks of hacking
20+ workshops
400+ hackers


Available in various prizes

“Hackmoney was a magical experience for us. It focused our team and helped us raise a round of financing - this hackathon changed our lives”

Potion Labs

“ETHGlobal events are the best place for us to engage with the developers and builders in the ecosystem. There are few events that are solely focused on the exciting tech in this space and none as well-run as those by ETHGlobal.”

E.G Galano

See what others have built

...and Summits.

ETHOnline is your chance to dive deep into Ethereum. Throughout the month of October, join us for summits on key themes ranging from DeFi to Eth2.

October 2
October 9
October 16
October 23
October 30

Kickoff Summit

ETHOnline kicks off on Friday, Oct 2nd with a packed day of talks and discussion. We’ll cover the big topics, and introduce major themes that will be covered in the following 4 weeks. Whether you’re totally new to Ethereum, or looking for the latest technical insights, the Kickoff will have something for you.

Scaling Ethereum in 2020 and Beyond

Vitalik Buterin

Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation

Rediscovering Ethereum's Opportunities

Aya Miyaguchi

Executive Director, Ethereum Foundation

Eth1 + Eth2 = Ethereum

Danny Ryan

Ethereum Foundation

Scaling & Infrastructure

On Friday Oct 9, we dig deep into the latest scaling solutions, infrastructure, devtooling and more that is available to developers on Ethereum.

State of Layer 2

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder & COO, Matic Network

Optimism: Keeping Ethereum Half-Full

Kelvin Fichter


Aztec 2.0 - A new layer 2 built with privacy at its core

Joe Andrews

Aztec Protocol

Decentralized Finance

On Friday October 16th, join us for a full day dedicated to Decentralized Finance. We'll cover everything, from the big picture to the latest releases. This summit is Presented by Aave.

Permissionless Building with Aave

Stani Kulechov

Founder & CEO, Aave

Growing DeFi with More Data and Collateral Types

Sergey Nazarov

Co-Founder, Chainlink

Exploring DeFi options

Alexis Gauba

Co-Founder, Opyn

The Future of Ethereum

On Friday, October 23 we look to the future. We’ll cover how Eth2 complements Eth1, how Eth2’s launch will enable near-term scaling, how you can participate in staking, and much more.

EIP 1559 Overview

Tim Beiko

Senior Product Manager, ConsenSys

Intro to Eth2 & Staking for Beginners



Eth 2 sweet tooth: rollups and date-a availability

Ben Jones

Ethereum’s Impact & Hackathon Finale

On October 30th, we look at how Ethereum is being used around the world, what's next for Enterprise adoption, and talk to some special guests. The day ends with presentations from the Hackathon finalists.

Vitalik & Tyler Cowen talk Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin, Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation

Tyler Cowen, Economics, George Mason University

Evolution of Decentralized Identity - Collaboration & Global Impact

Isaac Patka

CTO, Bloom




Mentors, Speakers, and Judges

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Foundation

Min Teo


Stani Kulechov


Linda Xie

Scalar Capital

Spencer Noon

DTC Capital

Aya Miyaguchi

Ethereum Foundation

Jesse Walden


Joyce Yang

Global Coin Research

Austin Griffith

Ethereum Foundation

Camila Russo

The Defiant

Ashleigh Schap


Simona Pop


Brantley Millegan


Ken Ng

Ethereum Foundation

Hsiao-Wei Wang

Ethereum Foundation

Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu


Mariano Conti

Great guy

Pete Kim


Evan Van Ness

Week in Ethereum

Arjun Balaji


Allison Lu


Lasse Clausen


Tim Beiko


Brian Gu

Dark Forest

Bartek Rutkowski


Imran Khan

DeFi Alliance

Marek Kirejczyk




Dan Shaw

Ethereum Foundation

Ameen Soleimani

Reflexer Finance

Aditya Asgaonkar

Ethereum Foundation

Jay McCarthy


Roderik Van Der Graaf


John Grant


Patrick Collins


Brendan Asselstine


Nick Fett


Georgios Konstantopoulos


Lukas Schor


Qiao Wang

DeFi Alliance

Doug Molina

Adam Bavosa




Does ETHOnline cost money?

No! ETHOnline is 100% free, for both hackers and summit attendees.

However, we do require hackers to "stake" a small amount of cryptocurrency to claim their spot. This stake is 100% returned as long as you participate in the hackathon and submit something - even a partial project - at the end.

I'm totally new to Ethereum - can I join the hackathon?

Absolutely! Our events are open to both beginners and veterans. We have special content & support available for hackers who are new to Ethereum.

How many people can be on a hackathon team?

You can form teams of up to 5 people. There are no restrictions for team members, so you can team up with hackers of any country or experience level!

What will the summits be about?

We'll be releasing a schedule in the coming weeks with details!

ETHOnline will cover all the key topics in Ethereum, ranging from the future of the Ethereum protocol to the latest DeFi innovations.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes! Our core ethos has been to make it easy for anyone to dream big, and that means creating a positive environment where people can be themselves. To that end, we've developed a Code of Conduct.